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Thanks for stopping by our website ~ we hope you find valuable information to assist you here. Whether you are just starting your search or are ready to pull the trigger on your home sale, we are glad you found us. Our team has one goal ~ creating the best possible buying or selling experience for our clients. After all, does anything else really matter?

We have great news for you - this market is one of the best in the country whether you are buying OR selling. Rates continue to be low and the spring market will bring out much more inventory than the rest of the year. Simply put, this is the right TIME and the right PLACE.  

Explore our site, check our market trends, hear from Joey, or learn about Careers with R&A. We are truly glad you are here. 

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"I couldn't have found a better agent to help me sell my home than Joey! With his expertise and knowledge, we were able to sell my home within one week of listing. Joey provided timely responses to my questions and kept me apprised of the progress at every step. A true professional, I'd recommend  Joey to anyone looking for an honest and thorough real estate agent."

                                       ~ Melissa Clark

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