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Looking to sell your home?

​We can show you how to walk away from closing with the most money possible in your pocket. We minimize the hassle and headache and watch out for your interests every step of the way. Be weary of operations who want to give you a 'quick cash offer' so they can turn around and sell your house. They would not purchase your house if there were not planning to sell it and make a profit. That's your money - let us show you how to keep it. 

Our experts know exactly how to prepare a home for the market ~ what items to address and what to leave be. What really constitutes 'curb appeal' ? Your R&A agent will explain the details and offer advice based on decades of selling in this market. 

Looking for your next home?

​If you're currently using Zillow, Redfin, or to search for listings, the home you're looking for may be under contract by the time it shows up online on those sites. The delays of using these third -party sites is often several days. 


The Multiple Listing Service is what feeds ALL the other sites. We can set you up with a direct MLS search so you are notified the instant a home matching your needs is put on the market. We can guide you through the purchase process, avoiding the pitfalls and get you the best deal possible at the same time.

Why work with us?

​You have lots of choices - we want to earn your business. Let us show you how we work, what we have to offer and then YOU can decide if we're right for you. We have the skill, integrity and experience to provide superior service and give you the best possible outcome.
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